My background

My background includes:

Trauma work

For over the last 5 years I have worked as a Trauma Counsellor at Rubicon Cares, with people from different backgrounds who have experienced traumatic events through personal abuse, assault, PTSD level events, including from military tours and difficult situations from the past or present.

Traumatic situations often involve loss of control, abuse of power, helplessness, betrayal or loss. It is important people have steady support and understanding of their individual situation from me. Through counselling work, I can support people to recognise their own resources and to build on these, in order to find a way to move on.

Addiction work

I have experience of working as an Addiction Counsellor at Equinox Care, with people from diverse backgrounds, supporting people addicted to alcohol or drugs using appropriate intervention strategies pre- and post-rehabilitation. As I’ve now moved on to work in Private Practice, I currently support clients who are post-rehabilitation with after care.

Young people 11-18 counselling

I have worked as a School Counsellor, providing counselling for students experiencing a wide range of emotional problems including home issues, bullying, body disorders, eating disorders, feeling suicidal, depression, self-confidence and social problems. I can offer support to parents who are concerned about how to support their children.

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